Author: Shafquat

How to Host an R Shiny App on AWS EC2 via Shiny Server and RStudio Server on a Windows Machine is a great free resource for hosting your first Shiny app. However, the server space and computing power is quite limited. Upgrading to the cheapest option is $9/month which is more expensive than most web hosting companies. So is there another option to be able to host your Apps without making a dent in […]

How to Tag Products on Instagram with a Shopify Site in 10 Steps

UPDATE: AS OF SEPTEMBER 2019 FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM HAVE CHANGED SOME OF THEIR FEATURES AND THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED. Feel free to try the steps and see if it’ll work for you, but beyond that I cannot help. Sorry! My wife runs an e-commerce website for artwork. Her main customer base is on social media […]

Was there a Toronto Real Estate Bubble?

Background The Toronto Real Estate market (and it’s surrounding areas – the GTA) have been red hot coming into 2017. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), home prices on average have risen over 65% from 2012 to 2017 (TREB Historic Statistics). I decided to pull the TREB numbers into an excel sheet and see […]

Pulling Stock Data and Creating an Efficient Frontier in Excel

I mentioned in a previous post on how to get (nearly) live stock data from Google Finance. However, if you start pulling data from different markets, daily historical rates won’t make sense as different markets are closed on different days. This causes problems when trying to figure out the correlation between stocks. A solution to […]