How to Import Snapchat Spectacles Videos into Instagram

Snapchat Spectacles videos are simply amazing. They’re HD and you can rotate your phone to see more angles of the same video. Furthermore, the fact that they double up as sunglasses, allows you to take a stable video without carefully holding your phone out in front of you. Unfortunately you cannot currently take pictures with the Spectacles, but I’m looking forward to that future capability.

The videos can be exported outside of the Snapchat app so you can share it with friends on other social media platforms. Unfortunately, once exported, the videos come out to be circular with a lot of white space in a square frame. So how can you post these amazing videos on other social media platforms? This blog post will focus on how to select the optimal viewing area to share videos on Instagram. You can then extrapolate this technique to share videos on other platforms as well. Find out how to do it in 3 easy steps below!

How Snapchat Spectacles videos work

Snapchat Spectacles record a circular video that gives your phone 115 degrees of footage. You phone can then be rotated around the circle to view all of the video source. At no time will you be seeing the entire video, but by rotating your phone you’ll be able to see different parts of it simulating a 360 video. See the gif below to see how it works.

Converting Spectacles video into Instagram format

This tutorial will teach you how to convert and upload those beautiful Snapchat Spectacles videos onto Instagram. We’ll be using a 1:1 ratio for cropping to Instagram. If you’d like to upload the videos to video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook, it’d be better to use a 16:9 cropping ratio.

Step 1: Export the Video from Snapchat

The first step is to export your spectacles video from Snapchat.

  • From the main Snapchat view, go to your Memories
  • Click the Stories tab
  • Pick a video that has the spectacle logo  beside it with the text “Story from Spectacles”
  • Hold down on on the video until a menu will appear and select the export snap option

  • Export the snap to your device. The video will come up as a circle video in a white square

Step 2: Crop the Video using Cropping Software

There are quite a lot of video cropping software available on mobile devices. I personally use Crop & Trim Video on android because it’s free and really versatile. Only downside is that it’s loaded with ads, but you can easy skip those. Protip: Turn on airplane mode before launching the app to avoid ads.

Once in your cropping app, crop the video in a 1:1 square such that the edges of your square fall into the circle. Yes, that means you won’t get the entire viewing area of the 115 degree video, but you will still get the main focus point, which will give you approximately 63.66% of the original footage (try solving this yourself using geometry! Hint: Use the Pythagorean theorem).

Once you’ve cropped the video, you should be ready to upload it to Instagram.

Step 3: Upload Cropped Video to Instagram

You now have your 1:1 image that’s perfect for Instagram. Upload the video and share with your friends! Reminder: The image ratio matters. If you’d like to upload the videos to video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook, it’d be better to use a 16:9 cropping ratio. If you’d like to share on Instagram stories, use a 9:16 ratio.

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